Our Concept


Amour Bistro brings to your city Bistro style Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine,set in a quaint and chic setting in the heart of the diplomatic enclave of New Delhi. Spanning the coast of the Mediterranean, the rustic cuisine here while at heart stays very much European, one can find flavors from around the globe to enhance the dining experience in line with the latest trends in world cuisine and dining. 

The famous Amour wood fired pizzas and desserts make their way at the bistro as well. Located in the poshest surrounds of the city, a gorgeous, rustic Southern European street setting which has tones of the classical and contemporary. Ensures you are transported in an instant to a chic European bistro in your favourite city anywhere around the globe. As usual, an extensive selection of wines, along with an eclectic range of cocktails ensures you find the perfect companion to your meal. 

Witness as the star chefs here prepare a magnificent meal right in front of your eyes and allow the magic of Amour to unfold.